ASUS Eee PC: The cheap laptop (English Version)

por Javier Rodríguez 18/10/2007 ...

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Asus Eee 701.

Since Asus revealed this tiny computer this year at Computex Taipei in June, much has been the expectation created around this device because of two main factors: its price and its announced early availability. With months going on, some of that expectation has been dispersed because both of those factors have not been as spectacular as they were promised to be or as it was initially broadcasted.

Anyway the Eee 701 is a computer that will mark a turning point, at least, in ultra mobile PCs’ sector. It is not much different in features from the actual expensive UMPCs and so it is much cheaper and in my opinion wiser in its design because it is just a tiny laptop PC, what makes it more natural cause it has its own keyboard and a screen that bends on it as any other laptop.

It is also the first commercial competence for the OLPC project and a strong competitor cause it almost equals the OLPC in prices and it offers, through my point of view, a more interesting solution and more global because it brings mobile computing to everybody and not only to some projects that reach only a small amount of the population. Furthermore when a product opens a new market more companies will try to compete with it so the customers will always be who get benefit from that.

Otherwise, it is the first domestic commercial product that offers Linux not as an option, as its main OS with the option of installing a Windows. It’s the other side of the coin what we are used to see. Until now an ultra portable computer for the general public was an expensive computer with Windows platform and opposite to its philosophy because the prices keep them away from masses.

During our own experience with the Eee 701 we have seen that it is a very light computer, with simple ends, very easy, fast taking into account its possibilities, especially because of its flash hard drive or SSD, and a laptop that will make Linux get inside many users’ life that before could even be afraid of it. With this computer is to switch on its operating system and in few seconds we have access to the main use any user can give for education or office purposes, I’ll detail the integrated functions, what makes it amazingly attractive to everybody but at the same time, and I don’t think I’m wrong with this, we are in front of a device that will generate a scene as few times have seen before. I can imagine this tiny device being used for wardriving, to host servers of all types, to the most specific applications we can imagine, … a no end of applications that will make this Asus model delight from most inexperienced to most advanced users in a Linux content and its infinite possibilities.

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