(English Version) ASUS Eee Top ET1602. Domestic Tactile Revolution

por Javier Rodríguez 08/11/2008 ...

Asus Eee Top. Concept and features.

This new domestic computer from Asus is the direct translation of the EeePc to the desktop format. A low cost but innovative format computer and with enough power to make the most different office tasks and general entertainment. It is also a machine with all integrated and with an excellent multimedia features that makes it the ideal computer for the whole family.

In this Eee Top we will find quite an adequate hardware for its aim and also a great effort from Asus for offering a complete and global solution with much elaborated software support thinking specially to be enjoyed with the tactile features of its screen.

The specifications of the Eee Top are basic in numbers but complex in its features. It uses the same configuration that an Eee 901 or a 1000H can use with the difference that it’s all integrated in the case of a 15.6”. Its Atom N270 processor running at 1.6GHz is using a 945GSE chipset and an ICH7 south bridge. It’s the same platform of all modern Netbook, except one of the models of the Eee Top, the ET1603, whose system will be supported by a Radeon 3450 dedicated graphic card that will notably increase the 2D and 3D performance of the device.

Both models, ET1602 and ET1603, use the same configuration for everything else. Both use the same processor, 1GB of DDR2 memory, a 160GB Hard drive running at 5400 rpm and some extra really interesting features that we will detail in the next page. If there is something that stands out is that all elements of this computer are for notebooks, including processor, memory and hard disk. As you may have realized, we have not talked about any optical unit, because this computer doesn’t use any but we can always use a USB optical drive.

It’s a very compact computer with its size adjusted to a 15.6” screen but with an excellent noise control. It hardly exceeds 26dB in full load and that’s more or less the noise a normal notebook hard disk makes alone by itself.

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